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Welcome Gardeners!

We want to create this post as an information hub for all players. How does this work? Well, this post will be updated on the daily basis, posting news from big to small. There will be a date and time before each entry to indicate how recent the news is, and the most recent news will be on top. Here it comes:

>13:43 GMT+7 - 13/09/21: Server is going under maintenance to fix some exploits

>00:54 GMT+7 - 13/09/21: Reward 6 has been added to the World Tree: 4 saplings (requirement: 50,000,000 water)

>09:07 GMT+7 - 12/09/21: Server goes under maintenance

>08:05 GMT+7 - 12/09/21: Everyone can contribute even when it's higher than 15 million waters.

Reward 5 - Watering all plants will be disable for now until a new hotfix is done.

>07:02 GMT+7 - 12/09/21: We have disabled the “Watering the entire server” in Reward 5 of the world tree due to the data overload. We’re working to fix it!!

>00:37 GMT+7 - 12/09/21: Farm 2.5 is almost here, so get ready everyone. More information here:

The Garden
FARM 2.5
The World Tree The World Tree aims to replace the current daily quest system by rewarding all players who participate in growing it. The more players participate, the more rewards they receive. Here’s how it works: Every day, players from the entire server give water to the World Tree (minimum is 20 water per player…
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>00:01 GMT+7- 12/09/21: Don’t forget to exchange your LE before farm 2.5