FARM 2.5

The World Tree

The World Tree aims to replace the current daily quest system by rewarding all players who participate in growing it. The more players participate, the more rewards they receive.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every day, players from the entire server give water to the World Tree (minimum is 20 water per player).

  2. Each reward requires a specific amount of water given from the entire server.

  3. Once the water requirement is reached, all players who have given water to the World Tree can claim the corresponding reward.

First-week booster

To guide you guys to your first in-game NFT, we have decided to increase the rewards from the World Tree in the first week. Rewards are as follow:

  1. Reward 1: 10LE + 1 Sunflower Sapling – Requirement: 4,000,000 water

  2. Reward 2: 15LE + 1 Sunflower Saplings – Requirement: 6,000,000 water

  3. Reward 3: 25LE + 2 Sunflower Saplings – Requirement: 9,000,000 water

  4. Reward 4: 1 Sun box + 2 Sunflower Saplings – Requirement: 12,000,000 water

  5. Reward 5: Every plant is automatically fully watered for the next day + 50LE + 4 Sunflower Saplings – Requirement: 15,000,000 water

After the first week, all saplings are removed from rewards, and the requirements for each day will correspond with the number of active players.

Other changes

As per the previous announcement, we will implement two changes:

  1. New Condition when exchanging LE -> PVU:

    0 NFT: cannot exchange
    1 plant: can exchange at 3 times the base rate (base rate is currently 100LE = 1 PVU)
    2 plants or 1 land: can exchange at base rate
  1. Implement an extra layer of bot detection on our server-side.

  2. Watering and chasing crows for your neighbors are removed.


Can players still play with low investment?

Yes, you can. You simply grow Sunflower until you have enough LE to buy 100 Sunflower seeds, and then exchange those seeds for NFT plant. Sun boxes from daily quests also drop seeds if you’re lucky. 

Is the LE I invested in the NFT plant is forever lost?

Not at all. If you ever decided to leave the game, your NFT assets can be sold back to the market for PVU.

How do the new changes improve the server?

The heaviest load for the server before was when players go to others’ farms. By removing this feature, the game should be able to handle a larger number of players at once.

How do the new changes reduce botting, using 3rd party tools, and spamming accounts?

Before farm 2.5, there were no consequences to performing any actions above. Now, any individual who thinks about doing any of these risks getting banned and having at least 1 or more NFT be permanently removed. In other words, you are responsible for your own actions and if you’re willing to risk losing at least 100PVU of investment, then be it.

Can I still receive rewards from the World Tree if I give water later?

Yes. The reward system works retroactively, meaning if you give water when the server has reached 3rd reward, you are able to claim rewards 1, 2, and 3.

What if I give water but forgot about claiming until the next day? Do I lose my rewards?

No, we allow users to claim rewards from 1 day before if they forgot to claim it.