MVBIII PVU video introduction Contest and Meme contest result

Dear PVUers,

Finally, the results from our Meme Contest and Video Contest have been selected carefully.

Meme Contest

-1st place: 400 PVU

-2nd place: 250 PVU

-3rd place: 150 PVU

-4 – 10th places: 100 PVU each

-11-20th places: 50 PVU each.

-Participation prize - 10 contestants: 5 PVU tokens each!

Details of prizes and winners are as below:

Top 1: Adão Nunes

Top 2: Mateus Silva

Top 3: Nelson jose Amador Ramírez

Top 4: Emanuel Vieira

Top 5: Teerachot Kavinkame

Top 6: Davydov Anton

Top 7: Maikhol Meneces

Top 8: Hezekiah Go

Top 9: Obie Bryner G. Osorio

Top 10: Juan David Egidio Montoya

TOP 11 - TOP 20:

  1. Axier Pardos.

  2. Mary Joy.

  3. Salde eric meneses.

  4. Luis Correa.

  5. Vicente Salvador Carmona Garcia.

  6. Mico Caramonte.

  7. Sam Darwin Gebert.

  8. Chayut Lekklaewpai.

  9. Lucas Rojas.

  10. Thảo Hiền.


  • Shan De Guzman.

  • Kittipoom kitjapul.

  • Rommel Casabar.

  • Marcel Forte.

  • Gene Michael Ramirez.

  • Chyra Vanessa Sales.

  • Maria Sheena Diana Testa.

  • Trần Khiêm


  • Nguyễn Liên

Video Contest

-200 PVU for the chosen one.

-50 PVU for 4 runner-ups.

Besides, It's tough for us if we only choose 5 winners. 12 more beautiful works are also added to this list as a consolation prize.

-10 PVU each for 12 consolation prizes.

Details of prizes and winners are as below:

Champion - Mr Kaka

4 Runner-ups

Gabriel J. Arias:

Kinng David G. Pangan:


Christopher Bueno:

12 Consolation prizes

Seidi Nakagawa:

Alfredo Espinosa:

Emmanuel Domingo:

Mikhail Ermolin:

Alex Campos:

Franco Rizzoli (KENTA):

Rafael Mendes Rosa:

Alejandro Sanchez:

Anjomarc Topacio:

Willis Huynh

Aixx Laguipo:

Nhaika Kyan de Guzman:

Congratulation to all winners, we have contacted you guys to verify your great works. For those who don’t know that you are the winner (The results we locked and sent to the winners before announcing this post):

  • Please check your direct message on Discord if you are the participants of Meme contest.

  • Let’s check your direct message on Telegram if you join Video contest.

For winners and receivers, please follow our instructions to receive the prize.

Thanks for participating and bringing the beautiful work.