PVP and Factory Chain

Dear PVUers,

Today we have 2 big announcements for you guys. We urge you to read the following announcement in its entirety before making any assumptions or questions.

Firstly, our beta for PvP mode for Plant vs Undead will be released mid-October on our new chain: Factory chain, which means this mode will use a separate ecosystem along with a new token. Here is a brief explanation of how the process is going to work:

  • During the initial release of PvP mode, Players who already own assets in Farm mode will be able to replicate all their assets into PvP mode and start playing with their NFTs.

  • One week after the release of PvP mode, Farm mode and PvP mode will be developed independently. After this point, players can no longer transfer assets between the 2 modes.

  • To ease players into the new ecosystem and lower the volatility of the new token, 30% of the current PVU liquidity pool on Pancakeswap will be allocated to the swap pool for PvP mode on FAC chain. This also allows players to swap for the new token as soon as it becomes available.

  • We will also continue to add at least 4000 BNB into the current PVU pool on Pancake Swap (until it time to allocate some of that to the pool on FAC Chain) to further expand and stabilize PVU’s price. 1500 BNB has been added thus far (You can check this information in the announcement earlier on our Telegram Announcement Channel).

This change will actually benefit both the players and developers.

  • For players: players can earn income from both games independently

  • For developers: we can improve the core gameplay of two games separately without fear of one game affecting the balance of the other. (we have already expanded into 2 separate teams so that both games will have sufficient human resources)

Secondly, although PvP mode will be its own game, PvE mode will be integrated into Farm mode. Update 3.0, which includes PvE mode, will be released in Q4, 2021, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, LE -> PVU exchange rate will increase by 10% every week to be in line with our initial design of Farm mode. This change will first take effect at 00:00 UTC on Monday, Sept 27th, 2021. This means that, at this specified time, the LE -> PVU exchange rate will increase by 10% for the first time from 150 LE = 1 PVU to 165 LE = 1 PVU.

This mechanic will remain in effect until farm 3.0 comes out, and then PvE mode and other new mechanics will replace it.


Q: What will happen to Farm mode if PvP mode is released on a new blockchain?

A: Farm mode will remain on BSC. Technically, nothing is changed for players who have already played the game. However, this mode now has the liberty to develop into a complete game.

Q: When will Farm 3.0 come out?

A: Expected to be released in Q4, 2021. Update 3.0 will mark the divergence between farm mode and PvP mode. As for the specific date date, stay tuned for further announcements.

Q: How do I transfer my assets from Farm mode to PvP mode?

A: You don’t have to do anything, actually. Before the launch of PvP mode, the game server will be shut down temporarily for us to clone all assets currently existing in farm mode to PvP mode. Once this process is finished, players can log into PvP mode using the same wallet, and their assets would show up.

Q: After I have transferred my assets from Farm mode to PvP mode, will my assets in farm mode disappear?

A: No, the assets will be cloned, and you will own assets in both games.

Q: How many times can I transfer my assets?

A: 1 time only.

Q: Is the income in both games the same?

A: No, they are separated. You can play both games and earn double the amount.

Q: What are the ways to gain assets in PvP mode?

A: Besides cloning your assets from farm mode, new plants will be sold in the marketplace of PvP mode.

Q: Can I transfer my PVU tokens?

A: No. Since PvP mode will be released on a new blockchain, it will use a different token. However, you can buy the new token with BUSD.