PVP Reminder

Dear PVUers,

PvP mode is almost here, so we would like to give everyone some quick reminders and info regarding this game mode:

Firstly, and most importantly, the plants cloning date is Oct 20th, 2021. Don’t forget to take your plants off the marketplace for them to be cloned, and that the server will also be down for an extended amount of time until all plants are cloned.

Also, we have some more information regarding PvP mode:

  1. PVU: PvP will be released with unranked mode only. This is for us to monitor and improve our Matchmaking rating system based on the matches’ data from players.

  2. The reward for unranked matches will be new NFT items that can be used to convert to new NFT plants (just to clarify, these new items are not seeds)

  3. Rank mode will be released after the beta test with a seasonal format, and after each season, your rank will reset.

  4. Rewards for each win in rank mode will be FPVU. The amount of FPVU, however, depends on your rank.

That’s it from us for now. Get ready, and don’t forget to have fun, guys!


The plant’s cloning process will take place at 00:00 UTC on Oct 20th, 2021. Below is the list of items that will and won’t be cloned over the Factory Blockchain:

Items that will be cloned:

  • Plants currently on your farm

  • Plants currently in your inventory

  • Seeds that have been claimed but not yet grown

  • Seeds that have been claimed and is growing

Items that will not be cloned:

  • All plants on the marketplace

  • All lands

  • Banned assets

  • Seeds that have not been claimed