PvP Teaser

Dear PVUers,

Prepare yourselves as we have some exciting news for you about the Beta Test of PvU: PvP mode.

  1. We will start cloning your NFT plants (no land or seed) on October 20th. Here are a few things you need to know before the clone happen:

  • The server will be down the entire time the cloning process happens, so don’t be alarm when you cannot log into the Marketplace or your Farm.

  • All plants must be in your inventory and are not being sold on Marketplace for them to be eligible for cloning.

  • The cloned plants in PvP mode cannot be sold on the Marketplace. However, the ones in Farm mode can still be sold and bought after the cloning process.

  1. A week after the cloning process, the beta test for PvP mode will be opened to players:

  • This beta is limited to a small sample of players initially.

  • More slots will be opened as time progresses (just like how Farm mode was first released)

  • During the beta, users will earn some NFTs as rewards for each winning match.

  • Each match will consume a fixed set of durability from your plants. Once a plant is at 0 durabilities, it cannot be used for PvP anymore.

  • Remember this is a beta, and bugs are expected, so don’t forget to report them to our devs!

More details will be announced as October 20th closes in, so stay tuned and don’t forget to have fun.