A sneak peek into Farm 3.0

Our biggest update yet!

Dear PVUers,

We'd like to invite you to our latest news about update 3.0.

Farm 3.0 is a full-fledge farming simulator game that allows you to grow crops, raise the undead, and sell your goods for profit. There are multiple types of crops, each with its own unique characteristics. Some grow faster than others, some give you more LE per hour, and others simply yield bigger harvests under the right weather condition. Once harvested, the only thing left to do now is to sell all of your produce at the market so you can earn income in the form of PVU or LE.

However, farming is not the only activity in the game. You can raise undead (pets) to help around the farm with tasks like harvesting, defending your goods from crows, or watering your plants. Fishing, gathering, and mining are also added! These activities will provide materials to craft items, fish to sell, and help you upgrade your farm to provide an even higher income.

Most importantly, all materials and LE gained can be used in PvE mode, where you strategically build a team from your plants to battle the undead. This will be your most reliable method to gain PVU. The more undead you slay, the more PVU you will get!

The game features an isometric view, and players will be able to customize their farm to their liking, creating a truly unique experience for each player.

With many different types of crops, there's always something new growing on your farm, no matter how many times you play this game. If that wasn't enough, there are many other different kinds of materials just waiting for someone like yourself to gather. You'll never run out of things to do with Farm 3.0 because we've packed this game full of content just for people like yourself who love simulation games about farms and ranches but want something fresh with lots more features than what other games offer today! We know once you try it out, we're sure that Farm 3.0 will become one of your favorite simulation games.